Key Contact Physicians

FOMA Key Contact Physician Advocacy Program

The FOMA Key Contact Physician Advocacy Program is a means of legislative advocacy that provides  local expertise to legislators while, at the same time, soliciting lawmakers' views on issues of concern to FOMA.  Even the most eloquent and effective lobbyist cannot always prevail in Tallahassee without a strong hometown constituency supporting the effort.  With the Key Contact Physician taking an active part in our governmental program, the FOMA will be much more successful over time.

Become a Key Contact Physician

The Purpose of the Key Contact Physician is to:

  • Assist Florida's elected officials in understanding the impact of proposed health care legislation and proposed changes in department and agency rules, policies, and procedures upon Osteopathic physicians and the patients of Florida
  • Enhance the FOMA's Director of Governmental Relations and Legislative Committee's efforts by providing a strong local "grassroots" link in the association's legislative chain by establishing personal contact with individual Legislators
  • Work with the FOMA Legislative Committee to inform legislators of necessary legislation which will promote and enhance the quality of health care for the patients of Florida
  • Serve as a professional healthcare source of information to the Legislators and their district offices
  • BE the patient's advocate
  • Assist FOMA-PAC's grassroots endeavors

Conceptually, the Key Contact Physician involves certain osteopathic physicians initiating contact with their elected officials on matters of concern to the Association and your patients. The Legislative Committee works closely with the Director of the Governmental Relations Office, the Executive Director, and Key Contact Physicians in directing this effort. 


As a Key Contact Physician, you will receive:

  • Extensive Key Advocacy Training
  • The opportunity to meet with Governmental Leaders, Cabinet Members and select Agency Heads
  • Recognition in the FOMA Journal and at the FOMA Annual Convention Reception
  • Key Contact Physician Lapel Pin, Golf Shirt, and Dress Shirt
  • Invitations to special events throughout the year which include the FOMA Annual Convention, Osteopathic Medicine Day in the Florida Legislature, as well as other special events
  • Capitol Updates during the Legislative Session by email or fax along with telephonic legislative committee conferences when needed