Osteopathic Medicine & Health Awareness Day

Osteopathic Medicine Day gives state legislators the chance to meet leaders of the osteopathic profession in Florida. Legislators learn first-hand how important the role of the osteopathic physician is to the delivery of quality healthcare to the citizens of Florida. It also gives Florida DO’s a chance to help gain visibility for the osteopathic profession and see just how the legislative process works.

The Doctor of the Day Program was started in the 1960’s by a former House member, Representative Walter Sackett, MD from Miami. He encouraged the Florida Medical Association (FMA) to bring a physician to Tallahassee each day of the Regular Legislative Session. Physicians who are willing to spend a day in Tallahassee during the Session perform an invaluable service by providing health care for members of the legislature and legislative employees. In addition, this program continues to be a vital component in improving and strengthening physician-legislator relations. The FMA and the FOMA proudly provide this public service each year.

(l to r) Stephen Winn, FOMA Executive Director, Eric Goldsmith, DO, FACOS, FOMA President, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Paul Seltzer, DO, FOMA Legislative Chairman, and Former Representative Ronald Renuart, DO, FOMA Past President