AOA House of Delegates


Over 35 FOMA members arrived in Chicago for the Annual AOA House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting July 21-23. During the full HOD meeting on Friday, July 21, attendees heard reports from Bureaus, Committees, and Councils, and voted on resolutions.

The AOA also outlined its federal priorities for the upcoming year. State delegations determined how to incorporate the following federal priorities into their state goals: supporting physicians and their ability to care for patients; strengthening the physician workforce where it is needed most; access and affordability; regulatory reform; public health; federal funding; scope of practice & new licensure types; osteopathic equivalency and recognition; truth in advertising; physician workforce; telemedicine; prescription drug misuse, abuse, and diversion; access and affordability; and the interstate medical licensure compact.


2023 AOA HOD Delegation

Delegation Chair Anthony N. Ottaviani, DO, MPH, FACOI, FCCP             

  • Kayvan Amini, DO, FACC                                                   
  • James M. Andriole, DO
  • Ronald R. Burns, DO, FACOFP
  • Charles J. Chase, DO, FASA
  • Cesar De Leon, DO
  • Linda Delo, DO, FACOFP
  • Traci-lyn Eisenberg, DO
  • Walter B. Flesner, III, DO
  • Joseph A. Giaimo, DO, MACOI, FCCP            
  • Jeffrey S. Grove, DO, FACOFP
  • Anna Z. Hayden, DO
  • Gregory J. James, DO, MPH, FACOFP
  • Marc G. Kaprow, DO, MHA, FACOI
  • Joshua Lenchus, DO, RPh, FACP, SFHM
  • Jorge D. Luna, DO, FACOFP
  • Steven Ma, DO
  • Michael Markou, DO, FACOFP
  • Sean McCann, DO
  • Jeffrey Nelson, DO
  • Sasha N. Noe, DO, PhD
  • Hal S. Pineless, DO, FACN, FAAN
  • Bruce G. Rankin, DO, FACOFP
  • Joel Rose, DO
  • Joseph A. Sassano, DO
  • Brett M. Scotch, DO,


  • Paul Seltzer, DO
  • William M. Silverman, DO FACOFP
  • Richard R. Thacker, DO, FACOI
  • Ronald Torrance, II, DO, FAOASM
  • James Towry, DO, FAOCD, FAAD
  • Aja Erksine, Pres. NSU-KPCOM
  • Madeline Metcalf , SGA Pres. LECOM Bradenton 
  • Emily Thach , SGA Pres.elect NSU-KPCOM TBR
  • Nichole Cufino , SGA Secretary LECOM Bradenton

Florida physicians serving on AOA House of Delegates Reference Committees:

  • Ad Hoc: Anna Hayden, DO – member
  • Constitution and Bylaws: Linda Delo, Vice Chair; Joshua Lenchus, DO – member
  • Professional Affairs: Brett Scotch, DO – member; William Stager, DO – member ACOI; Sara Lohbauer, DO – member Bureau of Emerging Leaders
  • Public Affairs: Joseph Sassano, DO – member 
  • Resolutions: Marc Kaprow, DO, Vice Chair; James Towry, DO – member; Robert Hasty, DO – member ACOI
  • Rules and Order of Business: Bruce Rankin, DO – member