LECOM Bradenton White Coat Ceremony Class of 2027

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Video above featuring President Brett Scotch, DO, FAOCO

The LECOM Bradenton White Coat Ceremony marks a significant milestone in the journey of aspiring healthcare professionals. This ceremonial event, held at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine's Bradenton campus, symbolizes the transition of medical students into the clinical phase of their education.

Clad in their pristine white coats, students are welcomed into the medical community with a sense of responsibility and commitment to patient care. The ceremony serves as a rite of passage, emphasizing the ethical and compassionate aspects of medicine. Family, friends, faculty, and peers gather to witness this momentous occasion, celebrating the dedication and hard work that have brought these students to this pivotal point in their medical careers.

The LECOM Bradenton White Coat Ceremony not only signifies the beginning of hands-on clinical training but also underscores the core values and professionalism that define the future physicians emerging from this esteemed institution.